Planet Earth’s large scale planning and design work focuses on new towns and regeneration that maximize user amenity, ecology and sustainable natural systems. Our dedication to research and creativity result in highly site specific schemes.

Please see a brief introduction to a selection of our work below

Xichuang, Henan Province, China

Planet Earth Ltd have been engaged to masterplan the regeneration of the 140 Hectare riverside site centrally located in the city of Xichuang. The plan integrates contemporary and projected future urban requirements with local and regional culture, green/blue infrastructure and well distributed public parks, cycle lanes and public transport.

DaMuWan Eco Town, Zhejiang Province, China

The brief for the new eco-town river system prioritized flood capacity, water cleansing and amenity. Planet Earth impressed the client with exemplary bioremediation strategies and by going beyond the brief equally foregrounding ecology with habitat creation.

Xiangshan, Zhejiang, China

The 100 Hectare public landscape riverside site serving the residential and industrial mixed use area in Xiangshan, China deploys innovative planting and access techniques promoting interaction with the natural environment. Dense tree and shrub planting based on matrices derived from the local hillock flora creates an ecological carbon sink.

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