Planet Earth Ltd is an award-winning design, research and landscape architecture consultancy specialising in the design & planning for:

  • Blue/Green Infrastructure
  • Commercial Development
  • Education
  • Places of Worship
  • Public Parks and Gardens
  • Public Realm (Urban Spaces, Regeneration)
  • Residential Development
  • Tourism (Resorts, Hotels, Wayfinding and Access)

Vision statement

Planet Earth Ltd was founded in 1994 with a vision to contribute to the health of planet and society, promoting harmonious social interaction through the design of inclusive, sustainable and ecological environments.

The Company’s philosophy stems from the axiom that the world of nature is our shared body.

Art, ecology and human nature are integrated in Planet Earth’s designs, creating balanced environments as living art to enrich the human senses.

Strong in research and creativity, Planet Earth Ltd strives to surpass stakeholder expectations. We utilize natural systems and emerging technologies to help create vibrant pro-social, pro-environmental places.


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